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We provide weather forecasts to improve your flight experience. Local weather conditions are usually estimated by a brief look at the sky, for an optimal flight planning however, this is insufficient. Factors such as wind speed and temperature are crucial for drone operations and may vary with the altitude. The unique quality of our data enables precise weather forecasts around the globe for an altitude of up to 2.5km over ground. The data is provided by our weather API, which contains high quality forecasts of all major meteorological offices as well as forecasts from our model including data collected with our Meteodrones. The very same data we provide you for free, we also use to plan our regular drone operations and to compute wind and solar energy forecasts, where slightly wrong forecasts cost a lot of money.

I don't like to lose my drone! - drone pilots, drone photography, flying for fun
Droneweather warns you about potential icing conditions or high wind speeds. We want you to have the necessary information to safely decide whether you fly or not.

I need the extreme! - drone pilots for research, extreme pilots, drone photography
Even if you need this extreme conditions it gives you information about what you can expect.

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